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Letter: Water rate increase too big

If you think they built that water district just to "service" the customers your crazy? Did they work with the school district when installing the water main down 158th street to the new Middle school ? Or did they make them pay dearly. Read the article...I'll let you be the judge

I would like to compare the operating cost at Suburban to Consolidated Water #1 who services more customer? I bet a few less relatives are on the books.

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Letter: Water rate increase too big

Waterlogged, the issue is not what water costs at Wal-Mart, but what the competition is charging for their water. Maybe you should look at what Basehor (Consolidated Water District #1) and Tonganoxie charges for the same BPU water?
Let compare what 8000 gal would cost with Consolidated Water District #1(Basehor) rates verses Suburban's Waters rates:

Consolidated cost would be = $56.61 Here is the math...first 1000gal @ $20 & 7000/1000gal @ $5.23 = $20+(7000/1000x5.23)

Water Rates per Consolidated's web site:
0 to 1,000 gallons usage $20.00
each additional 1,000 gallons usage $ 5.23

Suburban's cost would be = $95.64 Here is the math..$21 Customer Charge plus (8000/1000) or (21+(8 x 9.33))

Suburban's customers are paying almost 70% more then Consolidated Water District #1(Basehor)...and here's the "peanut"...Consolidated get its water from the same source...BPU

The question to ask is why does it cost Suburban so much more to operate its business verses Consolidated #1 ??? The KCC needs to look into how many business's of the Breuer's are the rate payers supporting?

More info can be found @ KCC's web site Docket 12-SUBW-359-RTS

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