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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees


When the Council says "NO", then and only then will I say they are running "things" as you put it. So far everything has been rubber stamped.

The 2% COLA is adjusted to the step plan as a whole. The Mayor then moves the employees between the steps. The Council will have NO say if an employee is moved to the highest step or not. Several employees are maxed out currently. Previous Admin raised them up several steps the minute it was created in 2007. I helped MaryAnn Mogle create the current step plan in May of 2007. The current step plan capped the maximum and was adjusted many times over the last 5 years by Council. The 2013 proposal is by far the largest increase in the history of Basehor City wages. I have never heard of a 62.4% possible increase. This completely removes any say by the Council for the next decade unless stopped.


If you would like the excel spreadsheet with all the wages of employees in Kansas email me and I will send the LKM Wage Survey including 200+ cities.

1)If they wages go up and the mill levy stays the same then what must be reduced to balance the budget? City services?
2)If the sewer fund will have a deficit in 2015 then why would the Mayor suggest to transfer $47,810.00 (almost double this year) from the sewer fund to yet cover more wages thus depleting the sewer fund faster?

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Miles becomes new Basehor City Council president

AboutTime, you can email me and I can send it to you. It is unlikely the editor will post anything on this web page that would show the City yet again not following policy or the Kansas Statutes.

The other item that I mentioned at the meeting is the bottom of the agenda for years and currently it states the agenda will be posted in the newspaper. This as well is being suppressed from the public.

Dennis Mertz

PS.. I asked CRG to post my packet on their website but I am not allowed to post the full url here per new user rules. Just take the city's web site and change the .org to .info and you got it.

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Basehor council members voice support for city employees

Is it the Mayor and Council's intent to raise our taxes?

If you plan on paying more for benefits and give raises to employee's then I would like to know where the funds will come from?

If you plan on saving money on the sewer treatment plant by issuing General Obligation Bonds then the Citizens of Basehor should see a reduction in the Mill Levy.

Pick 2 of the following. Which will it be?

-Raise employee pay and benefits

-Lower the City’s Mill Levy

-Improve City services (new equipment, improvements to City)

Last year the Council worked hard to keep the Mill Levy level without raising taxes. This included making the employee benefits a flat rate to the City, holding pay raises to a minimum (while other City's froze theirs) , lowering the deferred compensation to a compatible rate as other City's pay just to name a few.

With the 2013 City budget just around the corner I felt that I would share some of my thoughts on spending and what we achieved last year.

Also with sewer income being 10% higher than last years prediction, are we going to see a reduction in our sewer rates?

I support the current Council in making responsible decisions.

Thank you,

Dennis Mertz

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Basehor City Council shifts to flexible schedule for work sessions

Congrats to the new Council. I wish you all the best of luck.

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials


The above comments are not the best example of this community.

I appreciate everyone at City Hall last night being able to agree to dis-agree, shake hands and move on. I am proud of the great progress that the Council made during my three years in which I served.

I ask the public to move on and support the efforts to find 4 replacements for this City Council. People may have forgotten the big picture here. This is a small town and we might pass each other on the streets, at the schools and other functions. Please shake hands, be pleasant and remember life is too short to carry this beyond this point. It was all over at 12:01am.

Lets hope this is the last negative article about our city in this newspaper or on TV.

I will ask again that the comments below this one be good in nature and positive as the entire United States is watching this. Stop blaming and pointing fingers. Enough is enough.


Dennis Mertz

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

What is a lie?

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

Please state specifically what you think is a lie? FYI, Still NO calls. I can only assume it is the recall committee that has made multiple comments under multiple user names to try and discredit what is simply available for everyone to see.

Once again, if anyone would like to see hard facts then you can come by and pick them up from me or City hall. I have the right to defend myself against any and all negative comments.


Dennis Mertz

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Basehor council members deny recall accusations at town-hall meeting

Question answered the last time you asked. Look UP

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Basehor council members deny recall accusations at town-hall meeting

No private conversations occurred outside of a proper meeting.

No one can predict the outcome of any claim. Regardless the insurance carrier will defend the City against such claim as well as the other 2 claims that have nothing to do with me.

No one has given a timeline to build a City hall. One thing is certain. We will receive a FREE piece of land that we can someday build a City Hall on. Rest assured that if and when that day come it will be done with Sales Tax money and not your personal property tax. This fund was set up in 1992 and has over $1 million dollars in it and can only be used for infrastructure per the 1992 wording in the election.

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election


Be patient as I don't watch this blog constantly. I have a family that would like some of my time with them. That, I will not sacrifice.

Yes, On August 20, 2011, I did in fact send a report to the Chief asking why at 9:50PM we had an officer sitting at the Bonner Springs Casey's Store for an extended amount of time. When I went into the store, coming from the movies with other friends, the clerk offered up that he had been there for over a half hour talking (I only observed about 10 minutes) about a rollover in Tonganoxie and another officer had been there for over an hour the night before. This was concerning to me and I simply emailed the Chief. My question was merely about why we would have an officer out of the City at 9:50PM when our Basehor Casey's Store was open if he needed to purchase something. I let the Chief handle it and follow up with the officers. I do not know what was said to him. Per the weekly police reports the Council gets, we were running "Over the Limit Under Arrest Campaign" and that would be hard to do from inside Bonner Springs Casey's out of our jurisdiction.

The other item you asked about would be the current City Attorney. This is part of an investigation with the KBI and I am not at liberty to discuss.

Now for reference, I will spend time with my family this weekend and will not be engaging into anymore questions that are not related to the recall.


I will report that No one called or visited me to talk as I offered. I can only assume that this was only some untrue bashing to discredit me from someone who does not want to reveal their true name. Well the public can read this and see that I am willing to answer just about any question. I am glad the public is getting involved and informed.

Everyone have a great weekend and enjoy the 50 and 60 degree weather!!!


Dennis Mertz

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