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Grocery store to close its doors

Thank you for your support tbannwarth and we will really miss customers like yourself that did give your support and i share in you thought that soon the Marketplace will be reopened even if it is with some one else in charge. I hate the thought of such a nice facility sitting empty.

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Grocery store to close its doors

You are correct Jason the pricing was an issue out of the gate and we did work feverishly to coorect it. Not sure wether our not you are from Basehor or Leavenworth County but people with the attitude that you reflect is mind boggiling to me, since we opend the store the new tax revenue for the City was about $30,000.00 dollars the new tax collected in the nexst few months will be $0 dollars. I invested nearly 10 years and all the money I had as well as the other partners did. All I can really say is thanks for your support and all the others who harbour the same feelings, the city of Bonner Springs appricate you tax dollars.

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