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Basehor City Council agenda includes $200,000 settlement with former administrator Loughry

John and proud i agree. If it was done correctly, it wouldn't have gotten so costly.
We voted the previous council in to better the city, not to let their egos swell with power. Kudos to the newcouncil to make an apology to mr. Loughry. To the new council i think u r on the right track im moving forward.

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Letter: Beware city pay increases

so let's cut your wages and reduce your benefits and see how you like it. maybe then you will understand what is going on. you could probably do a much better job if you knew how to write and speak the English language

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

well basehor dream, i sure hope david breuer doesn't appoint you. We need people wanting to move forward, not dwell in the past and constantly complain all the time.

If you are going to accuse people of things, make sure you get their names spelled right. Oh wait, I forgot, you know all in and around Basehor.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

I've got pen in hand and ready to sign!

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

quite neighbor-great job! It couldn't have been said any better.

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Questions and answers on Feb. 28 Basehor recall election

drama drama drama good grief save us all, recall 'em all! let's clean house and start fresh. the main concern of this town should be making it a place that a family or person would want to come live and a place a future business would want to come set up shop in. not a town that makes prospects run away.

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Basehor mayor will be part of Feb. 28 recall election

omg, feb 28th can't get here fast enough! too much drama. if people aren't careful the city could wind up on the entire back page of the kc star section A just like Gardner did for all the pettiness within their council and mayor (sunday 2/12/12 paper).

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Basehor city prosecutor publicly announces resignation

this is why all of them need to be recalled. Innocent people are getting caught in the middle of their childish behavior (on both sides). Who's next? The comment about useless people in city hall---those people work hard at their jobs, let's leave them out of this.

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