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Breuer, Box win primary

Someone needs a lesson in simple physics. The snow last week was dry and light due to the temperature being well under freezing.. Yesterday the snow was wet and heavy because the temp was higher. Wet, heavy snow is more difficult to push. It takes longer, even with machines. I can attest to that fact as I shoveled my driveway on both occasions and my back is telling me that yesterday there was much more work involved. I watched several plow trucks in action yesterday and I could see the difficulty they were having. I live in Basehor, not the evil :) Falcon Lakes, and my wife and I walked to the church to vote because our street was not plowed either. Man living in America is tough, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. BTW, Mayor Breuer and our street crews are to be commended for the quality of their work. Please call city hall and tell them.

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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees

Dennis, Your analogy is not accurate. Comparing salary and compensation to employment benefits such as insurance, retirement pension, is misleading and doesn't make good sense. In the real world or the NFL. In the NFL, a player's salary, as defined by the CBA, includes any "compensation in money, property, investments, loans or anything else of value to which an NFL player may be awarded" excluding such benefits as insurance and pension. A salary can include an annual pay and a one-time "signing bonus" which is paid in full when the player signs his contract. For the purposes of the salary cap, the signing bonus is prorated over the life of the contract rather than to the year in which the signing bonus is paid. Thus if a player receives a $10 million signing bonus for a five-year contract, $2 million per year would count against the salary cap for the life of the contract, even though the full $10 million was paid up front during the first year of the contract. However, player contracts are typically "back loaded" and not guarenteend. This means that a four year contact for 14 million might include a 4 mil signing bonus, then salary of 1 mil for year one, 2 mil for year two, 3 mil for year three and 4 mil for year four. It is true that the bonus is prorated (in name only) because it has already been paid. The rest of the contract is paid only if certain conditions are met. So as you can see, none of this is comparable to any salary structure at Basehor. We don't have a CBA, we don't collect a signing bonus, and insurance/pension do not count as salary/wages. Not in the NFL, City of Basehor, JED Installation, or anywhere else.

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Basehor City Council pondering new wage system for employees

As a citizen and employee I agree, however all of the employees in Basehor deserve competative pay and benefits. The non-management, public works employees and city staff are woefully under paid and they deserve recognition as well. I am sure you would agree and I hope this system accounts for them too. I greatly appreciate that the P.D. is always mentioned but others are just as deserving. Thank you very much for being the voice(s) of support during the recent tumultuous past. Looks like smoother sailing ahead and these discussions by the council are a positive step forward. . It is a shame that many of the city and police employees on the lower end of the current scale can't afford to purchase a home and live in the city they serve. Maybe that will change some day.

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Basehor city prosecutor publicly announces resignation

Personal feelings and grudges should have been put aside in this matter. Ms. McBratney is a good person and attorney. I consider her to be a friend and colleague and respect her greatly. The fact that I don't agree with the actions and politics of certain members of the governing body never influenced that respect nor did it influence her abliity to provide quality prosecutorial work for the city. Simply put, those issues didn't affect her work, yet it appears she is paying for the past actions of others. I privately condemned the actions of the council right along with many others, but this latest twist is right up there with those previous vindictive and short sighted acts. BTW, since that fateful day in September, the Chief has been doing both jobs, with very, very little in the way of extra compensation. His timely intervention into the negotiations led to the Orscheln deal becoming reality. If the powers that be follow the script, he too will be rewarded for months of dedication and sacrifice with a pink slip just like Ms. McBratney. That would be a shame as well. The reality is this, the Chief, KiAnn and the rest of the city employees, have done a remarkable job despite the heat of this ongoing political firestorm. I am sure this message will prompt a reponse from those that would disagree but my opinion is based on first hand observation and fact. That's the beauty of the First Amendment. Feel free to blast away.

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