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Musical memories strong thanks to jukebox


Today's kids and young adults don't remember juke boxes, however I suspect their musical memories will be just a strong or stronger. The iPod is the reason. It is rare to see a person under 25 without their ear buds in. Even in the workplace, this has become standard.

What they will not have is the shared musical memories. Juke boxes were so group oriented while iPods are completely private and personal. Neither seem better or worse, just different.

I always enjoy your articles. Thanks.

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Black ministers start campaign against voter ID laws

I am amazed that anyone could claim that voter ID laws violate civil rights. Picture ID's are required in many aspects of life. Claiming that minorities are not able to obtain ID's is racist. The absurdity is that black pastors are diminishing the abilities of their own race. Sad. Just toeing the democrat line, I guess.

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Basehor snow plow crew clears path, hopefully into spring

My hat is off to the crew. As a former snow plow driver, I know how exhausting the work is. Basehor streets are always cleared rapidly and maintained better than in any other community that I have lived, including Overland Park. Nice work fellas.

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Column: All-day kindergarten funding is a necessity

Sorry David, but I define the word necessity differently. Food is a necessity. Housing and clothing are necessities. All day kindergarten is not. Let's not confuse good ideas and conveniences with necesstities.

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't fund good ideas and conveniences. We can, if we can afford them. Calling something a necessity does not itself justify the funding. Look at what American has accomplished without all day kindergarten. I am a product of half day kindergarten. Would full day kindergarten have altered my life drastically for the better? I doubt it.

Maybe I am too far from the classroom to understand the value, but then again, maybe you are too close. Respectfully,

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Shawnee anti-abortion legislator has ultra-sounds performed in Senate committee

Elise Higgins, why would you run from the facts?

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Basehor looks for continued growth in 2014

"Breuer said that unless the community accepts a larger housing complex, it may take another decade to attract major businesses."

Bring us higher quality housing instead of low income, government subsidized housing projects and watch the opposition fall away.

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KU journalism professor placed on leave as school reviews Twitter comments on shootings

David Guth has the right to free speech, but also bears the responsibility for what he says. As a Journalism Ethics professor, he should be fired for his comments.

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Second winter storm hits hard

Road crews did another fantastic job. And no, I don't live in Falcon Lakes.

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Basehor recovers from winter storm

I can only comment on the roads around my home in Pinehurst, but want to say that our Basehor road crews deserve and A+ for they work they did. I have seen lesser snowfalls lead to roads in worse shape than last Thursday. Good job men!

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Smith: So long, 'Music Man'

Sorry for your loss, Clausie. I always enjoy your columns.

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