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Chaotic Stability: Sharing a kinship with seatbelts

You spoke with a Basehor police officer?! Was it while he was writing you a ticket for doing 2 over the speed limit on 155th? No? You mean the basehor cops actually do something besides terrorize the citizens with endless speed traps along the main drag? I never knew that....

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Time to take gasoline prices seriously - and take action

You've bought hook, line, and sinker into the dubious science surrounding the "proof" that there is such a thing as global warming. Recently, the same scientists who had been sounding the clarion call for a catastrophe of out of control warming are now saying that the next decade will be cooler than the previous two. The Vikings came to America in boats that are too small to make the journey today. The reason why? Because the Atlantic is much **cooler** today than it was then which means that it is more choppy today. Greenland used to be green and an agricultural wonderland. Today it is an ice garden.

Why is it that when a few people with questionable scientific evidence to support their theories, the general public drinks the kool-aid and doesn't ask even the one-worded question -- "why?"

I'm not against conservation as a general principle in life since I think it does make sense to do our part but the religion of global warming and federal economic controls aimed at fixing an imaginary problem are becoming overbearing. The Colonials started a revolution because of unfair and unacceptable taxation and overburdening the colonists with too much red tape. We're seeing the same burden in our pocketbooks due to the religion of global warming. Don't be surprised if you see a revolution of sorts very soon. I think shoving all this down people's throats is going to set off another Boston Tea Party somewhere.

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Truth depends on perspective

Rae: You better look up truth in the dictionary. It is not relative, it is absolute. Just because someone doesn't agree or believes a different way does not make their "truth" true. We cannot simply accept things that are false and call them someone's truth so it makes it ok. If it's wrong, then it's wrong.

There used to be a time when people studied issues before defining the truth. Now (using your analogy), everything is filtered through the prism of personal experience and emotions. I'm sorry if I come across as intolerant but I cannot listen to someone say "The moon is made of cheese" and say to them, "Well, that's perfectly acceptable and I can see why you'd think that."

Your original supposition that "why the firestorm of reaction if there wasn't an element of truth to it?" is completely off base. This makes no sense. If President Bush called a press conference and said, "America does not have a Navy" there would be a bunch of blank faces of disbelief then a firestorm of reaction. Does that mean there's an element of truth to what he said? No. Your example is shallow and lacks any sort of logical thought here. Maybe you should go back to Penn State and take a few classes on logic.

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Boyda to be in Tonganoxie this weekend

This is journalism? What time will Boyda be in Tongie? All day? Midnight Saturday morning to 11:50 pm Saturday night?

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We did the right thing

What this editorial really is getting at is Integrity in the life of people which is a dying commodity. I don't know if it's just me (and my poor driving) or if it's happening to others but I rarely can drive around the parking lot at the Legends without being given the Bird at least once by some impatient person.

The entire culture seems to have devolved into one that completely lacks any integrity and certainly does have the kindness or sense of justice that the editorialist comments about. I know it's been bad on the right and left coasts for decades but I am dejected to see it taking over in my backyard.

Kids are being raised by adults who are self-centered, uncaring, quick-tempered, and generally lack any integrity at all. What do we expect to happen when leadership -- and the most important ingredient in leadership which is Integrity -- is missing?

I'd love to see more discussion on this topic -- it's central to the question of where we're going as a society.

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