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Kansas lawmakers floating plenty of tax proposals

Brownback is right it is crucial for these business tax cuts for job creation for these wealthy business owners. They will now be able to hire an illegal alien to mow there lawn and they can get a new pool boy for the summer. let the good times roll.

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Concerns raised about overhead costs of Tonganoxie-based nonprofit Purple Heart Veterans Foundation

That's one of the huge problems with this country you can legally screw everyone to death. 11% and 30 thousand dollar raise, there's no doubt your a crook.

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Basehor-Linwood students connect with world thanks to amateur radios

Outstanding good to here the young people getting involved in this kind of hobby,I hope more will get involved. It has given me many years of enjoyment. KC0HWS

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Vehicle burglary ring busted

I'm sure there parents are very proud. That's another strike for time out, if these kids had some old fashion discipline when they were brought up this probably would not have happened. throw them all in prison tell there 25.

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Police remind drivers to turn music down

The basehor kangaroo court is at it again, putting you in jail for up to 6 months for having your radio to loud, a little crazy don't you think. You can fire up your bulldozer and plow dirt at any time you want to, as there is no noise ordinance for that, I had this problem when the idiot working on a new subdivision was allowed to bulldoze dirt at 5.00 AM with no problem on a Sunday morning outside my bedroom window. Don't waste your time with the kangaroo court of basehor appeal your conviction to Leavenworth were They will at least listen to you and render a fare decision.

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Do you plan to go to Schlitterbahn this summer?

Let the people from Texas come up here to there water park that is where they got all the labor to build this facility,I will not darken the door of the place. My money will go to worlds of fun they use local company's for all there projects. shame on you schlitterbahn.

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