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Basehor-Linwood teachers to get new laptops after schools OK technology buy

Public education's love affair with Apple since the early days of desktop publishing on the Mac in the early 80's is blind. Bottom line: Mac market share in the "real world" (which is the purpose of a school - preparing kids for the "real world") is < 5% and has stagnated in the last couple of years.

In addition, it's no secret that Apple hardware comes at a premium that doesn't justify the cost. You can get the same hardware (albeit, without a lighted fruit logo on the back of the screen) for $500-$1000 less if you don't go with Apple. In my experience working in IT, Apple does not provide the net tangible value to justify the cost.

Whoever makes the IT purchasing decisions at the school (and any school that continues to recommend Apple products over Windows products due to a religious zealotry) should be shown the door. This is our tax money being wasted; if the general populace was more educated about technology and had an understanding of capital purchasing processes that work in the private sector, we'd hold these people accountable.

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Do you get an annual flu shot?

Used to work in the medical field. I'll never forget what a cardio-thoracic surgeon once told me while pulling a shift in the med-surg ICU at KU Med: "Never get the flu shot. There are more than 600 strains of the flu and only 6 in the vaccine they administer. They're simply guessing at which strains will be prevalent for the upcoming season. A guess plus exposing yourself to 6 live viruses doesn't equal a smart decision."

The public has bitten on this, "hey, here's a shot that will prevent you from getting sick!" There's no such thing.

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Remember to watch your words

"In war and peace men are the same..." seriously? That is just as sexist of a comment as I've ever read from a feminist. Your narrative is simply dripping with hypocrisy and the first shot (at your own foot, I might add) was the first sentence. That is actually quite telling.

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'It's just their world': iPads changing Basehor-Linwood sixth-grade classrooms

Rong: You're not following along...if I did this type of thing in the private sector, I'd be fired. The educators have no governing process or benchmark for success other than some assessment scores.

The state assessments, ACTs, and other benchmarks are no longer reflective of reality in the modern world. The education system continues to churn our increasingly inadequate product that is ill-prepared for the challenges of our society and globalized economy. I have three kids in the system and it's a sad state of affairs. Teachers who are already vocalizing "I can't wait until Holiday break!" (apathy, fire them); an administration that is more focused on testing outcomes and getting an approving nod from the state DOE. The entire thing is broken but electing a new board of ed. isn't going to fix anything. This is entrenched and incestuous to the core.

You have education unions, teacher labor unions, professional educators who love the status quo (because it's easy) and will resist change, and a mindset in education that would require an act of congress to fix this.

I have no disillusion that this will ever be fixed...it won't. After all, the Law of Entrophy is on display in our education system.

I'm just calling out the stark difference between private sector expectations and public sector expectations. If I operated like our educators on this matter, I'd be fired (and I'd fire my folks who did the same thing) but for public workers, it's all good. No expectations...do what you want.

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'It's just their world': iPads changing Basehor-Linwood sixth-grade classrooms

So, let me get this right...the school spent $126,000 of our dollars on iPads and THEN went to classes and conferences on how to use the devices in the classroom? This is akin to me in my line of work buying a huge software package for our company, then afterward figuring out a use for it. I'd expect to be fired and rightly so.

This is so typical of anything with govt involvement. Education is so broken. Buy now (it's free money, after all) and figure out how to use it later!

I'd love to see the measurements for gauging whether the program is "successful" as the educators cite in the article. I have no doubt the "gauge" for "success" is, do the kids like it and is our school "cool"?

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Council expresses frustrations with K-7, Google

Google is ignoring Bonner Springs? Unheard of. I had no idea that a large, multi-billion dollar company would care less what a bunch of hicks in KS think about their ambitious plans. Maybe the council can next write Apple and complain about the lack of an Apple Store in downtown Bonner. That might get results!

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Messages to heaven

Even without the byline, I recognize Rae's writing -- focused on death, loss, grief, pain -- seriously, this maniacal lingering on death week after week is borderline cultish. It certainly is indicative of a need for counseling.

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Baptism a new beginning

Just caught that you attend a church where women are ministers running the services. Now, so much makes sense.

The Bible really doesn't matter, according to your worldview. Nevermind...believe what you would like. Horses, bunnies, and penguins go to heaven too.

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Baptism a new beginning

What will heaven be like? Well, it will be a family reunion but not all of our family with be there. You're a good church-going person, you should know this.

There is no automatic ticket into heaven...the Bible says we must believe in Jesus and then we will be saved. This word "believe" is more than the rote English translation that we read. The original root of the word is to be "transformed" and "close relationship". Put these two together and you get the various parables as spoken by Jesus, "leave me! I never knew you!" to those that cried out for mercy on the day of judgment.

It is not enough to just say, "yeah, I believe"...just as a marriage is much more than saying, "sure, I do". I am 100% convinced that there will be people from my earthly family who will not be in heaven.

We delude ourselves when we believe that everyone simply goes to heaven as long as they're not mass murderers or Hitler-esque.

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When love is not enough

Rae: I am sorry for your loss, but really, isn't life depressing enough without being constantly reminded about how sucky things really are? Your editorials for the past few years have been like watching the SNL skit for Debbie Downer.

I say this because your writing really is beautiful. Your prose flows gracefully from word to word and sentence to sentence. I enjoy reading your editorials (don't always agree with them) but the constant focus on the negativity of life (or at the very least, skirting on the edge of the dredges of life) are really quite depressing.

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