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Good to watch kids grow

Most of "today's woes" are caused by the exact same thing that most of the younger generation expect: entitlement.

It's not a rule but many of the younger generation that I talk to believe they are entitled to a six figure salary out of college, an Audi R8 by the time they hit 25, the government to pay them if they don't have all of their wants and desires...all of this without paying their dues in the less desirable trenches of the normal workplace.

I don't share the same optimism about the next generation solving our woes. The woes are spiraling out of control and they will only grow worse as the fuel on which the engine of the world runs grows ever more scare: oil. Scarcity will increase in not only energy but food and potable water as well; and the people will demand more from big daddy government.

The woes are only now beginning to roll...I don't care if the greatest generation was running things, there is no way this is solvable without severe and extreme pain in cuts to the entitlement mentality that permeates this country.

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What state or federal law would you repeal?

Actually, Jeanne, logic and math lead to more critical thinking than art. Why not push that? Agendas are so easy to see for what they are when people use hyperbole to support their position.

Regarding the answers that cited the tax code or the 16th amendment, I love those answers. It'll never happen, unfortunately, with a populace who are more apt to name a judge on American Idol than even one Supreme Court Justice or the name for the first 10 amendments to our Constitution. It's pathetic how far we've fallen as a "learned" society. Facebook and Dancing with the Stars has replaced conversation and reading.

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What has inspired you the most this year?

I love the library but its days are numbered. eBooks are the future, not tree pulp in a building. If I were a librarian, I'd be scared to death about my future employment prospects.

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Sedgwick: Doctor's simple answer brings new pathways to life's journey

Now that's something to stand up and cheer about. Congrats, Rae, on beating this atrocity.

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What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your local community right now?

Give me a break, Erica. I know you're young but you have much to learn. The schools just approved $13k for speakers at the football field. They spent $162k on Apple computers (overpriced by 40% compared to Windows equivalents and the PC of choice in 99% of all businesses in the world, thank you). The wanton waste of dollars in Education is epidemic yet everyone wants to complain about the lack of money.

My tax statement each December and May tells a different story of how much money is being extracted from my wallet and given to schools. Perhaps you have yet to see said tax statements?

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How much should Basehor spend to remain a no-kill city?

The city should spend as much as necessary to avoid killing animals....meanwhile, at nearby hospitals, babies are aborted daily. Sounds like a culture with our heads screwed on straight, doesn't it?

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Sharing stories of survival

I respect the subject matter but the prose is like coming into the middle of a conversation going on between two people who used to work at the same spot, talking about their old boss. I have no idea what you're talking about outside of survival and Relay for Life.

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BLHS stadium getting $16,000 sound system upgrade

For the life of me, I don't understand why the citizens of the BL school district don't throw a fit about the wanton flushing of our tax money down the toilet. Apple is renowned for overpriced computers -- kinda like buying a Coach purse when a purse from Wal-Mart works just as well. For the price of $132,500, the school district could have purchased 30 additional laptops. The total cost per PC for the 90 total PCs purchased from Apple comes to just over $1400. You can buy nice Windows-based laptops for around $1,000 which would have either increased our PC count by 33% or would have reduced cost (if we really needed 90 total).

I don't get why our schools need Audis when a Ford Escort will work just fine for learning the fundamentals of computing. In addition, the workplace runs on Windows, not Mac. If our goal is to educate for maximum potential in the workplace, why would we not train our kids on the technology used by the super-majority of business?

Educators make no sense to me.

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County asks Basehor to reconsider Sewer District 3 fees

Correction: Glenwood Estates residents were forced to connect to the Basehor sewer system AFTER the new schools were built and attached to our lagoons, which were forecasted at that time to be effective for an additional 20 years prior to the schools coming online. We were railroaded by the new schools and yet those schools will be paying sewer taxes as if they were a family of 12. Sorry, those schools with all their water usage, bathrooms, showers, produces much more sewage than a family of 12. That is the tip of the iceberg of this nazi regime at city hall.

The annexation request, referenced in this article, was basically a letter to GE residents that was not specific in what would happen with annexation, how the taxes would be applied, etc. It essentially was a letter saying, "Sign this if you want lower sewer rates and consent to being annexed by the city." It was handing over a blank check to city hall. Throughout this process, city hall has been less than cooperative and has shown zero compassion. In fact, when we called city hall after receiving our first sewer bill ($9 for four days, $92 for a month), during the conversation the clerk on the phone uncaringly stated, "Yeah, you're homes out there aren't worth anything now with this hanging over your subdivision." Almost said with malicious glee. I am infuriated that our public servants (our fellow neighbors and residents of LV county and Basehor) are acting as if we were members of the Jewish nation, branding our subdivision with a big yellow star of David and engaging in joyful persecution...

I hope the new council members can swing the vote back to a level of appropriate fees but until then, we live in Auschwitz awaiting the verdict.

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Do you think photos of Osama bin Laden's body should be released?

Apparently the lessons of history have not been learned by our govt. The rumors of Hitler living in Argentina persisted to the 80's. This is a direct result of the Russians hiding his charred remains at a secret location until the Soviet fall. Inversely, no one doubted Mussolini's death because of the many pictures of him swinging from the gallows in Italy.

This is not advanced particle physics...demonstrate evidence and let the chips fall or we'll be subjected to 50 bajillion History channel conspiracy specials titled, "The Secret Escape of Osama Bin Laden".

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