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Customers appreciative on new hardware store's first day

Labor Day moved from September to May?! Now THAT is news.

Seriously....editors are a good thing.

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Fact: It's difficult to part with fiction

This is one of the most eclectic and odd stories I've read outside of the Lawrence-Journal World where it is common for people to have very strange infatuations with art.

Seriously, they are books. It's no different from a DVD collection or bunch of MP3s on my hard drive. I love reading and do so every day but this is an unhealthy worshipping of art.

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PHOTOS: Bowl ascends to top of Basehor water tower

News day in small-town Kansas....wow.

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Gas prices could climb with arrival of spring

Once again, we have the government to thank for this debacle of price increase. The EPA sets this regulation and the oil companies must comply...all to save the earth.

I want to know why gas jumps at the pump overnight when the cost of future deliveries of light, sweet crude (a month or more away) on the commodities market but when future delivery prices go down, we don't see the same corresponding drop? How does the cost of oil in May affect the cost of a gallon of gas delivered to a local gas station today? There is something nefarious going on that needs a spotlight shone on it.

The article talks about how the earthquake in Japan may "shake the markets". How? The last time I checked, Japan is a consumer not a producer of oil. If the infrastructure is "offline" so to speak due to the damage inflicted, that should decrease demand on the market and has no bearing whatsoever on the supply from producing nations. We are a nation of lemmings willing to drink whatever kool-aid is handed to us.

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Letters: Blame city for grocery closing

What in the world are you talking about, Jean? WolfCreek had one shot to woo customers away from Price Chopper just down the road. That one shot was reasonable prices which were in line with Price Chopper. They were not. The fact is that the owners of WolfCreek had a relationship with a competitor to Associated Grocers (AG) which had a higher margin on their base prices of the staple products like break, milk, and produce.

The owners of WolfCreek eventually addressed this issue but not until 3 months of negative impressions in the minds of buyers due to high pricing. I started going back to Price Chopper as well (after all, it's just down the road and I am not going to spend an extra $30 per grocery visit just to support the hometown company).

This had nothing to do with politics beyond the fact that the morons at city hall tied the city to the loan for WolfCreek and we are responsible for repayment if the business went under. That's what you should be outraged about, not some street.

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Mayor Terry Hill addresses rate increases in State of City speech

Basehor is certainly not a "good home base" for business nor residents. How can you justify relocating here when there is a guaranteed 40% increase in sewer fees each month? If a decrease by 90% in the total number of new sewer connections is at fault, raising the fees isn't going to help increase new connections. It's a vicious cycle that city council has instituted. The problem is lack of connections, we need more connections. Let's jack up fees which will deter potential residents when they evaluate Basehor to other cities with lower monthly city charges.

And the recycling thing...give me a break. Why would I be willing to pay extra each month when Deffenbaugh is going to turn around and sell my recyclables for a profit. That is ridiculous. Recycling pick-up should be free as a part of the trash service; Deffenbaugh can make their money by selling on the back. Wake up people!

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What cosmetic or beauty product do you spend the most money on?

Now that is about as sexist of a question as I have seen since the 1950s. That's like asking bunch of guys, "What's your favorite jock itch medication?"

Seriously, why do I care what cosmetic or beauty product people use? And no dudes in your panel of respondents -- I sense female chauvinism.

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Six candidates running for three Basehor City Council seats

I would love to vote against Bill Moyer and Iris Dysart for the travesty they committed against the residents of Glenwood Estates. Oh wait...I can't vote because I don't live in the city but we have to live with their decisions (i.e., dictatorship). I recall a revolution started with this kind of idiocy (taxation without representation).

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Glenwood Estates residents must pay full connection fee

I will forgo paying the tax and, instead, build an outhouse. When the pit needs to be emptied, I will take the waste to the homes of Iris Dysart, Jim Washington and Bill Moyer and simply fertilize their yards.

What a joke. Once again, this just goes to prove that the hammer and sickle should be flying on our flagpoles instead of the stars and stripes. We live under the ruse of democracy, behind which is a dictatorship.

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What are your New Year's resolutions?

How does eating a Vegan diet help the planet? You kill more plants (which soak up CO2 and exude O2), you are not killing animals (especially cows which spew out Methane from their digestive systems), and are causing more pesticides to be sprayed into the environment (due to the increase in plants needed for said Vegan diet).

Liberals are hilarious.

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