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Breuer, Box win primary

I suggest you learn how to quote. And you completely ripped your third paragraph from the second paragraph of this site.


Please learn to cite in the future. Once again, you are hung up on the who needs to sign the modification. The mayor acts in terms of the "employer", and Loughry is the "employee". The mayor is an agent of the parties involved. If this was not legal, why would the KBI (who would have knowledge of KS statute, as you "quoted" in your response), not have offered it as unlawful in their investigation?

Here is what I wonder about. "There is nothing wrong with doing what one thinks is right and acting in the best interests of the city." There is, when it in fact, hurts the city. The end result: an embarrassing lawsuit that cost the town a settlement and an apology. Professional and honest men DO accept responsibility for their actions. They also follow the advice of their legal council, and adhere to the guidelines set forth in an employment contract. None of this was followed by the council. Shannon Marcano advised against their swift judgement. I have yet to hear anyone voted out in the recall verbally recant their errors, or apologize for an embarrassing settlement. I can't expect an apology from Loughry or Hill, because as unbiased, state investigators put it, no wrongdoing was found on their part.

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Breuer, Box win primary

I take it that, you still believe Hill and Loughry misappropriated funds by your response to me. Fact is, once again, that both were cleared of any wrongdoing by the KBI. Just because you don't agree with their findings, doesn't mean they are wrong. I like your reference to the Houston Chronicle, too. We all want to see Basehor grow, which seems in line with hiring an administrator. But, many people cling to the small-town mentality, and they may prefer the rural route. Which will come out on top? I can tell you, bigger cities utilize a city administrator. Regarding your Tennessee municipal training classes and handbook, I agree, the council does oversee the administrator's performance. But, did the debunked council not give Loughry glowing marks in is annual performance review months before being fired? Sounds like the town needs to keep a better eye on the council...

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Breuer, Box win primary

The positions of mayor and council member do not pose the same threat to one's future. Banking your entire livelihood and career on the careless actions of an ignorant council does pose a more significant threat to a prospective administrator than the other mentioned positions.

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Breuer, Box win primary

Alterations of any contract are completely legal when signed/initialed by the parties involved. This was done, with the mayor acting on behalf of the city. The issue of contract alteration is ridiculous; the council seems to want to recant on the benefits negotiated with Loughry because of an attorney's oversight. I am amazed at how people continually revisit so-called unlawful acts by Loughry and Hill when both were investigated thoroughly by officials and found to have done nothing wrong, including anything beyond the contract modification to grant him the benefits agreed upon by the council in the first place.

I believe a reason Basehor has had trouble finding a suitable city administrator is because most candidates know what has happened in this town. Anyone who would be worthy may not even consider it due to fear of termination and defamation just like Loughry experienced. Who would want to put themselves and their family in such a volatile situation?

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Breuer, Box win primary

I live in Falcon Lakes, and I can tell you that the plows didn't arrive in my neighborhood until about four thirty. The last time, we weren't cleared until almost ten at night. You have to realize the primary access roads are first to be cleared; the roads we traveled to go vote were clean. The city can only do so much in a certain time frame with the resources they have, and the plow drivers work their butts off so you can complain that your street wasn't cleared soon enough. We have had two major storms in less than a week--not a political vendetta.

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Letter: Lack of female representation in Basehor

Marilyn Townsend: showcasing the caliber of thinking behind the Citizens for Responsible Governing. You still are represented; no one has taken your right to vote. No one has taken your right to run for or hold an office, either. Making a claim of taxation without representation just because the people you would prefer held elected positions got the boot? Ridiculous...

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Basehor City Council meeting agenda: March 19

Oh yes, and the documents found on the cityofbasehor.info are the Bible. So truthful, that the authorities haven't acted on anything regarding them. Has anyone told you that you have quite the dramatic streak in your writing? It's rather entertaining. Blood thirsty? Lol! Did Cory have a contract like Loughry which outlined an appeal process before removal from position? I would imagine he didn't. Most jobs don't have such a process unless drafted at hiring or thereafter. It's call right to work; most people fall under it. You would be surprised what you can be fired for. Insubordination is a big one, but other smaller infractions can spur the same outcome. I'd imagine there is a bit of disparity between the protections each man would be entitled to depending on the type of employment contract, if any, Cory had. I think we can agree that employees should be protected, but there is an extent to those rights. Is there something in the file of this police officer that isn't evident yet? Once again, we will see how these lawsuits play out. When did Cory file his? I'd imagine the ball will start rolling either way with that claim. There isn't much time left before Loughry's claim begins moving forward, either.

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Breuer becomes new Basehor mayor

I feel that your assessment has showcased a lot of bias. As much as you may think facts alone are present in what you are reading on that website, it is highly political in nature. Information is easily manipulated to favor one side or another. A claim does not necessarily give credit. There are many people who seek retribution; many who don't deserve it. And even more surprising is that through all this, you have not once felt the need to get Loughry, Hill, or Martley's sides of these interactions. Let the lawsuits play out. I think we will all be enlightened when both sides gather their information and present it, up to and including the court of law.

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Breuer becomes new Basehor mayor

So where does one attain this hard-core, third party evidence you suggest? It seems to me you are relying on documents from a lawyer that was replaced by Marcano. Sure he didn't have alterior motives?

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Basehor City Council meeting agenda: March 19

In looking over the documents on your website, I don't see a misrepresentation of pay. I see that upcoming raises were accounted for in the decision of Loughry to come to Basehor. As he was asst. city manager in Hays, these were the benefits he'd be receiving. To expect less is silly; your email documentation shows that negotiations were going that way, and that Reavey was okay with the base pay/benefits. His email states he is seeking full insurance coverage for his family; where is the email correspondence that addresses that request? It is strange that the email trail ends there. The information from Hays is legit. And an anticipatory raise is valid; especially if his boss can verify it was in the works for the coming months. So you would want to equally compensate him, wouldn't you? Wasn't that the original plan when Loughry was hired? Car allowance, full insurance for he and family...all that and more he received at Hays. So, why the whistle blown so late if there was a problem?

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