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New traffic laws taking effect in city

Jason2007, I read a comment from you on children not being respectful anymore like our generation was. (Yes, also from Gen-x.) I read your comment to the police department and must ask who are you to call the pot black when you are very obviously the kettle!

I value the rights men, women, families, and I have fought for and gave blood or our very lives to protect. I would only ask you to step outside the box and look at some of your words directed at the Officers who in some cases have given up finical and physical security in their lives to protect all people even you! I myself have had two or more speeding tickets but a vendetta was not made against the Police Officers doing a hard and thankless job!

I am so glad I live in a city that BAD PEOPLE or even Good People know that if you come to Basehor you may get stopped for speeding or just checked out by a Cop or two. Cool or safe city is what most people would think.

By the way, I think writing things down can help some people feel better, I hope this is your way of expelling your Daemons without hurting yourself or others, good for you!

I would just respectfully ask that you get some more or better facts when it comes to the Basehor Police Department. I see you put a lot of good thought into your Government comments, please do the same and know that the police have one of the worst jobs in the world. MOST do it for the families, children, and the knowledge that they do help people.

PS. If someone tells you that they were pulled over for going two or five over, not likely. (EX) Jason, pay attention to this sometime,,, If you pass a Police officer what is the very first thing you do? Yes,, push your foot into that break and hard if your speeding, You may even talk to God for a second at the same time. The second thing you do is look down at your speed. This is a visual reaction and is involuntary. Your eye sees cop tells foot what to do, then will tell your eyes to check to see if you’re going to get pulled over. I have talked to and know that even police and other Law enforcement do the same thing, in their personal cars. (It starts when we are children and see our mom or dad gets a ticket or slow down for Law enforcement, then us as teen’s elt.) Please just keep this in your mind. Thanks.


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