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What's your reaction to the firing of Basehor city administrator Mark Loughry?

Neither side in this discussion is basing things purely on 'statements of fact'. Leave it to the State and County Attorneys to get the statements of fact. Go back and do the review and firing AS THE CONTRACT SAID IT SHOULD BE DONE.

Let's get on with the REAL BUSINESS OF THE CITY.

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Allegations, health insurance benefit questions preceded Loughry's firing

Wow.... This is starting to remind me of KCK politics! Or old style KCMO! Or the stuff from Johnson County Commission.

Trial by newspaper/internet is all too common nowadays. Only problem: reality and truth too often lose out to spin and appearances.

Let's do a rewind and look at this logically.

How do we deal with the original question(s)? Go back and follow contractual procedures, reviewing the issues with the City Admin and go from there. Trying to cite a state statute to justify an immediate firing when a contractually established procedure is in place does not sound like a good way to approach things. There were obviously other means to bring this up and this was NOT the best way to do it. [By the way, are the 3 Council members going to pay the legal costs that result from this out of their pockets or will the taxpayers pay it? Just curious.]

How do we deal with the Mertz's accusations of legal wrong-doing by Loughry and Hill, ethics charges against the City Attorney, etc.? Let the State AG and Leavenworth prosecuter file charges or not file any charges, as they feel the case may warrant. The ethics board doesn't seem to find the City Attorney to be out of line in this.

Slander and libel, innuendo and flat out lies are not getting anywhere on this. This is a small town and way too many people think they know way too much...

Most people don't really care about this 'stuff'. They just want things to get done like streets paved and cleared of snow, trash collected, and police protection provided. The Council needs to get on with governing in a rational and level headed manner, not with hidden motives and flashy tactics befitting the 'big time politicians' I mentioned at the start of this comment.

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