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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

We all sleep better at night knowing that our Basehor police officers are some of the best and bravest. It is a comfort knowing that our police are just a phone call away when their help is needed. Good job and well done!

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Breuer elected as Basehor mayor

Congratulations Dave on your victory. Looking forward to a great 4 years. I do wish also that the VFW will have great success in the coming year.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Wasn't the temper tantrum you are referring to the result of Fred Box voting to cost the city $200,000 in litigation losses as a result of his vote to reject the advice of our own city attorney on an employment contract? Talk about insane judgement. Running the VFW into bankruptcy, costing the city countless thousands of dollars with poor judgement on various votes while acting as a city councilman, such as violating signed contracts causing losses due to litigation, acquiring land that required costly asbestos removal by the city, and then resigning his elected city council job because his impeached faction of council members were unable to install him as the new Mayor hours before his council friends were thrown out of office. I would say that this is the information that you should be presenting regarding a mayoral candidate's judgement instead of a candidate having a third cousin of an aunt that owns some business in town! If you can't handle the job of City Councilman, how can you handle the job of being a Mayor?

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Is this the same guy that resigned from the City Council because he couldn't handle the job? Now he wants us to vote him in as Mayor!

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

armystrong wrote: Johninbasehor: It disturbs us how hypocritical you are.

Who is us? Washington's friends that are after the Chief because he told Washington to leave a council meeting or he would be arrested for disorderly conduct maybe?

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Friend writes: Really!! How long are we going to let city and government officials get away with things like this! This is a disgrace!

Let those without sin cast the first stone. We all make mistakes. Personally, IMO, one mistake of this nature does not deserve being fired. Everyone deserves a second chance. If this is a regular happening, that might be a different story, but all of us can't be lilly white. For those people that would cut the pay of the police or deny them a prevailing wage, and whom put their lives on the line every day they get into that patrol car, and complain about not arresting people when their is virtually no evidence or whitenesses of a particular crime, they are wrong in their views. This officer was not guilty of dishonesty, just poor judgement. Some in our community have it in for Chief Martley, and just love to drag up dirt every time they have an opportunity to make the Chief and the police department look bad.

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Breuer, Box win primary

All police officers I know of have left for more money period. The last one left for more money working for the Federal Protection Service. It comes down to money and family benefits. All employees work to make money for their families and themselves. Small town pay does not match opportunities around us, but the closer the pay is to surrounding areas, the more officers will stay with our city.

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Breuer, Box win primary

Police and city employees having to look over their shoulders because of former council members in the Box, Mertz, Dysart, Washington faction followed them around like detectives of the Gestapo. If I or other people were looking for a job in this city under the old council, that would definitely undermine those efforts. Finally, we are not on the evening news every night, and I for one would like to keep it that way.

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Breuer, Box win primary

Notice the same cheerleaders posting that were here cheering on Mertz, Dysart and Box from the last impeached council. People that read this blog regularly know very well who they are. Some of the usernames are changed but the message is the same. The same 4 or 5 people with multiple user names complaining about poor snow removal, a fired police officer, and the need to hire another $100,000 body at city hall, which it looks like we do not need. Finally we have a Council and Mayor together that aren't in the news every day, but the cheerleaders of the former council want their group back in control.

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Breuer, Box win primary

No, Councilman Breuer was not part of the nonsense. Don't you remember when Box, Iris, and Dennis tried for hours to vote Box in as President of the Council. Dennis and Iris had been impeached from office. That little faction of three, tried to put Box in as Council President before midnight, so Box would become Mayor. That was part of the nonsense that Channel 5 witnessed, and Major Hill would not allow impeached members of the council to put their own Box in as Mayor. He said: "Wait for the new council". It was a fiasco, you should have been there. Box, Iris, and Dennis also are the ones that voted 3 to 2 to accept property with buildings containing asbestos for the site of the new city hall. The Asbestos and building removal would have cost over a hundred thousand dollars of city tax dollars. More good judgement, right?

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