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Mayor reflects on city's accomplishments in address

The City has come a long way since the dark days of the city council of the last administration. Let us all hope that we are able to keep this administration in office, with an educated city council this time, instead of what we had in the past with all the infighting and mistrust of the former city council. Basehor is now a nice place to work and raise your children. Let us hope that the former council with their leader Jim Washington, Fred Box, and others never again rise to power in our city.

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County will have meeting for participatory road program

This is great news if it comes to be. 147th st. is long overdue for improvement.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: 2012 General Election

I can't believe that the constitutional amendment was a tie. Sentinel, please re-check your totals.

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Leavenworth County Commission agenda: week of Oct. 8

I sure hope 147th st. from Fairmont road to Leavenworth road gets approved for being paved.

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Brown, Holland trade verbal jabs over tax cuts, school funding, K-10 safety

So with these tax cuts, with the higher cuts going to the most affluent in our state, our children now have an opportunity to experience larger class room sizes, which I am sure someone, somewhere, thinks is good. More pupils per teacher is a loser in my book when it comes to teaching kids. As good as our schools are in Kansas, I see no need to dumb down our kids. As far as the nice roads we have in Kansas, you better take a picture, because they will never be this nice again with the cuts that the DOT in Kansas will have to shoulder. Now is the time to try to hold the line against future cuts. Please vote for Tom Holland. He has our best interest in mind.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

What a waste of Kansas tax money! We must cut aid to schools, but we have money for this type of folly, and to spend thousands of dollars still defending Phil Kline, and now more thousands of dollars defending the ridiculous laws passed by the legislature regarding the size and temperature of rooms where abortions are preformed. It just makes you wonder about the people we are electing to public office.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

This guy is part of the silly birther movement. Obama's birth certificate has been certified by the state of Hawaii, and even by the republican Governor of Hawaii. These people need to get a life and move on.

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Basehor-Linwood High School wins National Blue Ribbon Schools honor

Congratulations to the Basehor school district and all that contribute to it. This is a great honor and shows that our school district and leaders are very much doing things right. It makes residents proud to be a part of this district and lets us know that the money being spent by the school leaders is going to the right areas. Again, congratulations on a job well done.

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

All these negative comments and arguing comes from 3 ip addresses. Three households with multiple computers with same people having more than one user name. Let them argue among themselves as nobody cares what they think. MZR and LR same person for example!

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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

LR, you need to take your meds. I think you are paranoid. All 22 wrote was that he knew the company and it was a good company. Do you hear voices all the time or just part of the time?

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