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Film a thing of the past

Good reply PDEX, there's nothing I can add to your rebuttal. I too have no problem when shooting film. With experience comes repeatability and knowing how to give your frame of film the perfect amount of light. I have respect for film photojournalists but it's a trial by fire - you adapt, learn and make the shot or you get replaced.. Quickly.

I must however add a comment to the statement "Digital photography has made anyone with a cell phone as skilled as a person with dozens of years of experience."

How is this even possible? To my understanding there are no cell phones on the market today that tell a user what is a good scene and what is not, at which angle to shoot the scene, when to go zoom or wide and cropping options. Composition? Choice of aperture/shutter speed? Heck, even the overused 'instagram' doesn't recommend a filter for images that I'm aware.

I find it discouraging that someone with as much experience as yourself Mr. Smith would even undermine proper photography education. I have accepted that cell phone cameras are going to make my dSLR as obsolete as film in only a few short years (yes, I shoot both) but until they make a device you set in a field and have it take perfectly shot, composed and thought out images - experience and education, especially dozens of years worth doesn't come from buying a cell phone.

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