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Former prosecutor challenging Thompson for Leavenworth County Attorney job

Thompson doesn't have a clue on how to prosecute a case. Thompson hasn't personally prosecuted a single level 1 felony case since he's been county attorney. In Oct ( Oct 3rd) there's a case from LV county being argued in front of the KS Supreme Court and guess what? thompson isn't arguing the case. You have to ask yourself why? He can't; he doesn't know how.
Pat Cahill has the experience to be a great county attorney. Thompson is always on vacation anyway and no one will miss him.

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Do you agree or disagree with the recent repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy?

I DO NOT agree with the repeal of DADT. At the end of the day, the military will follow orders but the repeal of DADT will affect the good order and discipline of the force. The last thing a military fighting a war needs is the Village People dancing and singing in the barracks. Already openly gay military members are discrediting the military by appearing in gay porn films wearing their uniforms (and the courts have ruled that is OK). The military should not be a social experiment. It is a privilege to serve in the military not a right. There was nothing wrong with DADT. It served all concerned for well over 20 years. The repeal of DADT was a campaign promise; one that the president could easily keep.

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Rural Leavenworth County woman fined $1,000 for littering

When the judge asked the thompson about the fine thompson said the fine was $2000 -$4000 each count. Wrong again thompson. Try actually reading the statute thompson. I'm concerned that the press didn't report that part of the story.

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Decision on Kansas City man aiding in 19-year-old murder coming soon

This case should have never been charged!
By the way, where is our "fire in his belly to prosecute" county attorney? Why did he leave Mr. Bryant holding the bag on this?
This is what happens when you elect someone who took three times to pass the bar exam and his biggest legal accomplishment was writing a Truancy Pamphlet. Oh I forgot, his grandparents ran a car dealership - there's a great qualification to be the county attorney.
Keep a watch on thompson, he's not really the county attorney, he's just playing at it.

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75-year-old man held in murder case from 1990

This is a grandstanding act by the County Attorney. The guy testified previously under immunity. Even if there is "new information" the time of 20 years exceeds the statute of limitations. He has not been charged with murder - which has no statute of limitations. He is charged with "aiding" in the death. Check your statutes Mr. Thompson. That is the law in case you didn't know.

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Basehor resident accused of soliciting sex acts deemed competent for trial

I want to remind everyone that one of Mr Thompson's prime campaign promises was "stop playing let's make a deal." I haven't noticed any fewer plea deals since he's been the CA - and he's let a sex offender out on bail. Keep watching - pay attention.

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