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Basehor officer unscathed after suspect fires shots

Self acted admirally, I too have served as a LEO and been shot at. But MzR is correct, police officers CANNOT have a DUI conviction. PERIOD. Self's conviction is a mere formality, as I am sure the police of Olathe? did their duty and the DUI process is airtight. If Self is not terminated soon, DUI really doesn't matter to the Basehor PD. There cannot be a double standard!

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UPDATE: BLHS student dies after vehicle collision

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

An "unsustainable buisness plan" is not a judgment against anyone or their leadership but simply pointing out it is not working, you can't expect it to miracleously start working or donations to pour in. They need a plan to fix it or close it but don't have people put money towards something that doesn't/can't work. If you ask people to give money, knowing there is very little chance of success -that borders on being unethical. Sorry.

Can you find 10 people that think asking for $22,000/year in donations and support from a community this size is a wise plan? No.

So what do you do? Rent space parttime at the old school at 155/Leavenworth Rd. is one possibility. Rent space on Saturdays at the Library or other school building. Partner with an eating establishment, like the 24/40 that has a room that could put VFW in a corner, etc. Sowhat if they don't have their own space. They need a viable solution.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Please don't correlate:
Concern for Vets = Giving money to a VFW
(especially one with no sustainable business plan)

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest

Bottom line, LEO's can't have DUI convictions. Your DL is suspended for 30 days unless you ask for a hearing. For DUI conviction, he will lose his license for a month then the rest of a year can only driving to and from work, which means he could not stay employed with any credible department.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

What sense does it make that the VFW needs to raise $22000 every year to operate? That's $22000 in mostly donations, and ongoing fundraisers (that wear out the people who do them and the people who come). Who thought that could work? Is it that expensive because they don't own the building? And their hope is too that area businesses give them thousands? This a bad business plan, this is money wasted.

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