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Remember when for April 4, 2013

Man, even 10 years ago we had local business owners on the city council.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

Here is the info that I am looking at and you tell me if and where I am wrong.

Fred Box is/was the commander of the VFW.
Twice in recent history, the VFW is about to lose its home.
Fred Box is a former city council member.
Fred Box resigned as city council member.

This is just how Im looking at it. Mr Box was elected in a position by his community to try and help the city. Things changed and Mr Box left/quit/resigned from his elected position as a council member. Why should I vote for someone that has all ready quit once on the City and its citizens? While I have been unable to attend any of the debates, almost everything that I have read so far here in the paper, the only argument Mr Box offers on why he should be elected is because the other guy has a business within the city. Mr Breuer isn't the first mayor or council member to be a business owner within the city. I have read very little on why he should be elected. Sell me on you Mr Box, not on why the other guy is a bad choice.

Ill give you that running a non-for-profit may be different than running a business. While VFW's do great things for the community, why is ours in such bad shape? It doesnt seem like Tongi's VFW is doing that bad. Why does it seem to be that they are doing so much better than Basehor's? Is it the leadership? Are the people of Tongi more willing to donate compared to the people of Basehor?

All this being said, I think Box is going to pull it out and win this election. Basehor voters usually dont turn out very well on non-presidential election votes. The people I have mostly seen voting when I am standing in line seems to be the older demographic, which I think will lean towards Box. It will be interesting to see what happens come election day. Hope to see all of you at the voting booth.

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Basehor VFW's future is up in the air

This will be the 2nd post that the VFW has lost or about to lose in recent years. Granted, the first one was in very bad condition. While it may not be the same, it cant look good for Box going into the election. In the end, its still running a business, non-profit or a city. Fair or not, you have to ask the question. Rong isnt off base with asking the question that everyone is thinking.

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Raceway Ministries is unique outlet for service

Very well said Lukowski23.

Here is the quick rundown on how the election for this position has broken down.

Brandon Roberts and Tony Turner, whom both were members of the Fairmount Township FD, ran against each other in the primary for the same spot. Brandon Roberts won the position over Tony Turner. Shortly after that, Brandon Roberts was fired by Fire Chief Jeff Theno and Assistant Chief Chuck Magaha from the FD. Their reason for firing Roberts are unknown to myself, but it LOOKS fishy since he isnt apart of the good ol boy system that runs our FD. After Roberts was fired, news started spreading around town along with a mailer and at least one sign about Mrs. Turners bid to be a write in for the same position that her husband lost the election for.

Yes this article has nothing in it about Mrs Turners bid for as a write in for the election tomorrow, and I doubt the author knew about it also when the story was written, but it just seems way to convenient to me about the timing of this article.

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Two new Basehor restaurants spring up

Grip, I am assuming they are in the spot left open when Bleachers/Past Times/Simple Simons/Doc and Bruties closed up.

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Should the Basehor City Council approve a proposal to cut employee benefits by about $81,000?

Nice way to reward your city employees for all the hard work they provide to us citizens. Lets cut their benefits.

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Council debates city employee raises

Way to stand up for your employees Mr Washington.

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Do you support the Basehor City Council’s recent decision to take no action regarding the renewal of City Administrator Carl Slaugh’s contract?

i also do not have any faith in mertz and dysart. things have been going down hill over the past few years and dysart has had a major hand in it. i have never seen any city council member in any city so against their own city employees.

We let a great man go in Carl and this City is going to pay dearly i fear. with so many vital projects coming in to the city, great move letting the man that is leading the city into the future go.

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Live at state: On to the finals

Congrats boys. Just one more win.

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Council approves Cedar Lakes annexation

O jeez. Although i don't disagree with what you have said, Ceder Lakes cant act surprised that this has come about. It was just a mater of time before they became apart of the city of Basehor. If it wasn't for the proximity to the city, many of the people of CL wouldn't have moved there. The biggest argument that i hear is that none of the residents of CL use any of the services. OK, so non of you drive in to CL via Pinehurst? None of you go to Casey's, Sonic, BLHS, the Library, Guess none of the CL residents are going to go shopping at the grocery store when that comes also huh? I wont bring up the sewer thing.

You may not relize it when they go to these places, they are on Basehor roads, protected by Basehor PD, in the winter it gets cleaned off by Basehor city works. CL uses the city of Basehor just as much as anyone else that lives around the area.

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