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Film a thing of the past

I'll add my voice here to those who find film a valuable and enjoyable photographic tool... even in this digital age!

I grew up with film in the 80s, and abandoned it for nearly a decade as I've shot a succession of digital cameras. In the past few years, however, I've added film back into my toolbox, shooting at least 50% of my photos on it. I've been getting more Konica gear to add on to my original 35mm bag, and - more recently - I've just purchased a Bronica SQ medium format camera after playing around with a Holga for a couple of years. I love experimenting with the unique looks different types of film emulsions have to offer.

The author clearly hasn't taken a look at the countless, active groups on Flickr dedicated to film shooters of all kinds. Interestingly, many of the users of film today aren't the jaded old-timers of 30 or 40 years ago, but teenagers who are rediscovering the attraction. As a previous poster mentioned, one need only to take a look at www.apug.com to find an active community of film enthusiasts posting hundreds of threads each day. If that still doesn't sway anyone's opinion, check out the prices on classic film cameras on eBay, where demand is translated into dollars.

No, film is not dead. It may not be the mainstream choice for average snapshooters today, and that's OK. But it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

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