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Politics hasn’t changed much

The malicious side of politics hasn't changed much, especially when a candidate wants to distract us from the real issues. A good example is the current Presidential race. Senator Obama talks about the 10 million hardworking Americans who have lost their jobs, and how we have to get them back to work. Senator McCain talks about who was in the room when Senator Obama was building houses for poor people, not the fact that people were getting homes built for them by people volunteering their time. The country has become so polarized by party labels during the last two Presidential elections. It's we time we stopped judging a candidate by 3 second sound bites, instead we must spend a bit of time to become informed about what a candidate really stands for. The only way to do that is to look at what they've actually voted for during their time in office. If you like the condition the country is in now, and think throwing even more tax breaks and government welfare (subsidies) at Big Business/Big Oil/Big War Conglomerates, even as those these companies have reaped vast fortunes while cutting jobs continually for the last 8 years, then Senator McCain is your man. If you believe that a candidate should be elected to lead our country based on spreading falsehoods and disinformation about the opponent, instead of offering intelligent solutions for fixing our problems, then McCain the Maverick is your man. If you believe Big Oil/Big War Businesses are the backbone of our country, then the man who voted for 90% of President Bush's failed policies of spending all your tax money on these greedy companies who have almost destroyed our economy, is your man. Only one of the candidates, however, shows clearly that he believes that the majority of Americans, the hardworking families that get up early every day, work long hours in order to take care of their families-the middle class, are the real backbone of America. Only one of the candidates has run an honest and positive campaign, refusing to turn to smear tactics, has continually talked about the problem in America being the complete neglect of the middle class. You must decide for yourself, which candidate that is. Decide based on the facts, not what some “expert” tells you to think.

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