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City to seek end of Basehor/Bonner ZIP code confusion

I, too, have a 66012 zip code, my children also go to Basehor-Linwood schools but I have a Linwood phone, live in Leavenworth county BUT we are physically closest to De Soto. I am constantly clarifying / correcting information. Yes, it is a pain but that is part of living in rurual America. Welcome to the country folks, we have gravel roads, livestock that will get out and yes we may even have to give a physical roadside marker to the delivery driver to get that much awaited for package. The rural mail carriers don't seem to have problem finding your rural address to deliver the bills or the numerous pieces of junk mail....do they?! But then again, some of the "city" people that made a choice to move to a rural area seem to forget that it's called rural for a reason. If you want your address to match your phone and school then move back to the "city". I guess even small towns have to make an issue of something just to keep them in the newspapers.

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