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Film a thing of the past

This article is depressing as well as blatantly wrong.

Film isn't the standard anymore, that much is clear. However it is far from being dead. What we are seeing in the industry is a shift in who is using it and for what purpose. Because it is going from the only way to capture an image other than sitting down and sketching it out to a personal choice there are large scale reductions that need to happen. Unfortunatly, companies such as Kodak and Fuji aren't able to create small batches of film and keep it profitable. What will happen within the next few years is smaller boutique companies popping up that will be able to produce film at the quantities it is needed in. These companies are already showing up today. Lomography and The Impossible Project for example. The entire lomographic society has been created around film as an artistic medium. I doubt they would be willing to let it go away that easily. The Impossible Project also proved to the world that instant integral film was still wanted by many people. And if anything, Polaroid should have been the first to go because of digital. Digital offered that instant satisfaction without the need for expensive self processing film. Yet here they are pushing hard and bringing a unique esoteric film to the masses, and being profitable to boot!

I'm unsure of what development processes you used that were so difficult that worried you about your images showing up. But since starting with traditional black and white film photography in high school around 8 years ago. I can count the rolls that I have botched on one hand. This includes countless 35mm rolls (not .35mm, as someone who has been shooting this long I would expect them to know the difference) 120, and even 5x7 sheet film.

Cell phone's have certainly brought the ease of photography to everyone. Before you were required to carry around a camera and as you said "and extra roll of film in my pocket". But now because of the size and quality that these cameras are able to produce it is much easier to have your phone on you than even a small digital camera. However all the photographers I know, including a few who work in the newspaper industry would never consider a cell phone capable of replacing a real camera. The dynamic range, sharpness of glass, and high ISO sensitivity are abysmal. My camera is a part of me, I never go anywhere without it and forgetting to bring it with me is like me forgetting to bring my foot. It has never been cumbersome or inconvenient.

I feel sad that you have this outlook on the photographic community, as in the end it really only hurts yourself and the images you take. And if you truly don't have any idea what will happen to your old Nikon feel free to send it my way. I'll pay for shipping and make sure that it sees the use it deserves. My email address is pdexposures@gmail.com if you want my address, until then, happy (cell phone) shooting.

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