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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

It is sad that Mayor and council members retorted to pettiness and did not settle the issues and come to a reconcilable accord. Waiting until the issues resolved in the process instead of going to voters is a wise choice. Waiting for the KBI report report was one of those "wait moments"." Correcting benefits options, while in council, was another "wait moment.'
Mertz's comment of voters "throwing out the whole lot" does not portray the voters as an intelligent body of voters. The issues were replayed through the mail and through the Sentinel. "The message got out too strong" according to Stonack. Gladly, the process was not as long as presidential elections. The last stab sent concerning the Falcon Lakes taking over Basehor was going too far. Should we also note where other petitions start? It shows overwhelmingly that residents in one particular area agree with the petition and the petitioners did not need to go far before the paper was filled! Don't divide us. We (voters) have proven that we will not tolerate scrappy, vindictive council members and mayors who do not work out problems together. Let us have council members who work together. Let us have council members who review their actions before opening their mouths. Let us have council members and mayors who understand that listening to cautions is in everyone's best interest.

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