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The price of loyalty: Setting wages a balancing act for area cities

As on e of the most recent officers to leave basehor PD I wanted to say a couple things because it sounds like people are guessing why officers leave instead of really knowing.

I left the Baehor Police Department in October 2011 due to pay a lack of support from city council. The council has been adjusted and I hope the pay is next. While I worked for Basehor (nearly 3 years) I NEVER seen any actions that I would consider bullying! When I left the PD I left with absolutely zero hard feelings or negative thoughts of anybody that was working for the department at that time. I hope in the future I get a chance to work with any one of those officers again. While I was there I did not see any officer treated poorly or unjustly.

The only thing I see wrong with the PD is a lack of support from people such as Washington and/or LR. LR everybody at one point in their life is hired for a job that they have no experience at. A person cannot be born with job knowledge and experience. Everybody must start somewhere and if that is the only application that a department gets, what are they suppose to do? Exactly what they are doing! Hiring the best applicants they can and training them to be the best officers they can. Same thing they did with me. I had very little experience but they gave me a chance. I treasure the experience and knowledge I gained from the command staff at the Basehor PD but it was time for me to make a decision that I had to make to help my family. I wish the PD the best of luck in overcoming impossible critics such as the above posters. Stay safe and keep up the good work.

Robert Holland

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