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State paid more than $34,000 to defend Kobach

So that's what Kris Koback thinks about OUR money. $34,000 is NOT a lot of money.

This is someone that wants our vote in November. You must be kidding.

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Basehor firefighter also making it big in a local band

Brandon, looking good in the pic.

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Basehor firefighter also making it big in a local band

I can see how it is the hard life of a struggling musician. Considering a green Chevy van home each weekend on tour.

"They drive to cities within an 8-mile radius of Kansas City and perform Friday and Saturday nights."

It must be EXHAUSTING!

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Good streets an expensive necessity


Better check your math. One mile of road, 22 foot wide, $15 per square foot:

5280' x 22' x $15= $1,742,400 for one mile of recycling in place.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

This is a good decision.

Ron Grover
aka: "rong"

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Return to school now a daunting task


One of your best columns.

This summer I attended my 40th year high school reunion. As I look back graduation in 1973 was so much different than what I see students facing today.

In 1973 you either went to college or you got a job. Maybe not such different choices than today but the world has changed so much. In 1973 good jobs were available for those that chose to work instead of continuing their education. There were 3 auto plants, multiple refineries, two very good paying soap plants, countless other manufacturing options. City governments expanding and growing provided opportunities in government service. New opportunities in something none of us understood, a computer industry.

The only competition for these jobs were our neighbors. We walked in and filled out an application.

Today I see a high school diploma as only the beginning of your career in self education.

Now jobs move and evolve faster than most can keep up. Organizations shift and targets do not just move but some completely disappear. Graduates today are not competing against their neighbor for a good job, they are competing against another new graduate living in India, China, Germany or any other nation on Earth. A simple keystroke on one of those machines we didn't even consider important 40 years ago transports you across the globe. The same keystroke from the other side of the world brings someone to our neighborhood.

It is true, our students today have more to learn. They face challenges we never considered.

It is time we respect the job teachers have but it also time we begin respecting those students facing these challenges. Students today are our future. I know that is cliche but now more then ever those of us ending our careers are counting on those beginning their careers.

Instead of lambasting our schools and students we need to support these students. Support must be real. Sometimes a pat on the back is needed but that isn't enough. Schools and students need money to remain competitive. When you drive past a school, see a big yellow bus, see the lights of a Friday night football game ask a simple question of yourself, "What can I do?" Then it is simple, just do it.

Great column, Clausie.

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Should smoking be allowed in city parks?

It's not just the secondhand smoke it is also the trash from smoking in parks that irritates me. Wherever you find smoking you find butts laying all over on the ground as litter. The irresponsibility of smokers with their butts and smoking materials causes us all to suffer due to their habit.

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Breuer elected as Basehor mayor

LR, maybe you should go back to school and take a few remedial math classes and learn equations in relation to figuring percentage.

Maybe this is why your arguments for changing things lack credibility.

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Tonganoxie resident among local men arrested, again, for sale of 'K2' synthetic marijuana

The faces of evil.

I am sure these slimeballs probably don't care and have no feeling for the kids and families they harm but if you want to read about the devastation that drugs and illegal substance wreak upon a family feel free to read my blog about parenting an addict. .

Today my son is clear and sober since July 2010. Go back in the archives of my blog to see what people like these two do to our children.

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Basehor officer still on duty after DUI arrest


I am so glad you know it all. First of all I have NO connection to the Basehor Police Department or anyone in city government.

So, I guess you wonder why would he write about policy administration and what is allowed by council members? I am a Director of Human Resources for a local manufacturing company that also provides for the HR administration for 4 subsidiaries. I have over 25 years experience in HR administration, policy development and administration. Plus, in the past I have been an elected community official so my experience with executive session rules and laws and KOMA, (Kansas Open Meetings Act) is beyond chat over the backyard fence.

I've provided you an answer to your accusations. Now waiting for your apology and retraction.

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