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New reporter joins Basehor Sentinel

As the new reported you should make them give you a byline so we all will know who you are. ;-) LOL

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Basehor-Linwood High School wins National Blue Ribbon Schools honor


Teachers, students and administration all deserve to take a bow! And, not to forget you parents that are ever present in the students lives. Go ahead and pat yourselves on the back, you are a part of this too.

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'It's just their world': iPads changing Basehor-Linwood sixth-grade classrooms

Jason2007: I would guess the measurements and gauges are the same as they have been as far back as they were when I was in school for the 1960's forward. Are the students learning an ever increasing amount and acquiring the new skills required to compete in an ever expanding world?

Well let's see. In this issue of The Sentinel there is an article about an improvement in the district ACT test scores. On state assessments there is steady improvement on state testing and BL has regularly met state requirements to meet No Child Left Behind standards and requirements.

It's about outcomes and are goals being met. Second guessing our educators when the proof of steady improvement is evident and test scores bear that out is not productive for our district, students or citizens.

If you think that the school board is not doing its job by allowing something like this then you need to file for a position the next election. If I remember several board members ran unopposed last time.

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Basehor council considering sewer fee break for multi-unit buildings

As Basehor attempts to lure businesses and developments to our community it is important to not get caught up in give-away programs many other communities have fell victim to in their operating budgets.

I can understand providing an upfront incentive but what is the plan to recoup that give-away over the long term viability of the project? Are we looking at increased payback over the long term usage, such as 120% of usage rates? Are we putting in measures of performance that ensure the projections of the developers are achieved and the taxpayer provided incentives are repaid, penalties for non-performance? Are we requiring surety bonds that ensure the financial wherewithal of the developer and personal accountability? As you can see many things can be done to protect the citizens of Basehor along with attracting development.

A simple reduction of the connection fee, I cannot support without assurances the incentives provided come back to the city from the developer. If Basehor continues to provide the incentives without measures to protect the citizens we will find ourselves on the hook again just like the Town Center project and the grocery store project.

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Basehor City Council agenda includes $200,000 settlement with former administrator Loughry

I hope everyone has learned their lesson. There is a tangible cost to putting people in positions in which they are not really qualified and refuse to heed the advice of qualified people. When leaders become obstinate then we all pay.

Granted most of this will probably be paid by the E&O insurance but eventually the taxpayers will be on the hook. When someone pays a direct cost of $200K you can be sure the indirect effects and costs will dwarf the $200K number.

Maybe in a perfect world Dysart, Mertz and Box would be not only morally but also financially responsible for this but in our system their only payback is the loss of their positions. Decisions and actions must have consequences.

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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees

LOL I've been managing manufacturing plants and overseeing the administration of multiple entities for one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Kansas City area. I've heard no complaints, in fact my management skills in this area are praised and rewarded handsomely. Elementary accounting instruction???? LOL

LightTheDarkCorners, your regressive ideas and mindset will do nothing to further your cause. In fact as shown from the recall election your cause is quickly being marginalized in the community.

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Basehor City Council eyeing pay bump for employees

There is a significant difference in pay and compensation package, anyone knows that. Or at least I would hope everyone would knows that.

Also, a compensation package of under 100K for a department head with multiple direct reports is a bargain. Truth is I wouldn't do that work for that amount of compensation.

The whole idea of compensation is to get quality and qualified people to perform a set of tasks and assume a set of responsibilities. If the goal is a race to the bottom it is possible to pay very little but you must be willing to assume the associated costs and absorb the unintended consequences of that system. Myself I'd prefer to pay the money to attract top quality people and reap the rewards of a professional team. Obviously from the results of the recall election a majority feel that way too.

Wake up people, it is time to start living in the real world. We want a professionally managed city then lets start acting like it and paying what it takes to be a first class city. Otherwise it is small town minds with small town attitudes and we will be second class forever.

My last point is if you have a personal issue issue with individuals then address those and not hide behind a smoke screens. I don't really know anyone in the city's employ except Lloyd Martley. Lloyd is a quality and honorable person, I know him by refereeing basketball and football with him for 10 years. Let's get out of the personal attacks and allow the man to do his job of upgrading the department and in turn upgrading our city.

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Bank, landowners stuck with $3.5 million bill for Basehor Town Center benefit district

I see from the link that Keith Sifford was the only council member with the wisdom to vote against this proposal in 2008. Who were the other 4 council members that voted yes and left the city and citizens left on the hook for this project without doing their due diligence and putting the proper safeguards in place to protect the city and innocent bystanders.

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Basehor City Council pondering new wage system for employees

ps.: I only used a patrol officer as an example position. You can find most every position of work on this website to get a starting point for compensation design.

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Basehor City Council pondering new wage system for employees

Let's try to be professional. Lack of professionalism seems to have been the root issue for all of this mess for the last year.

By profession I am a Director of Human Resources. Granted I do not work in the public sector but it is not difficult to seek information on comparable salaries on line, just look at From that website it will show what police patrol officers are making in the KC area. Let's see how Basehor stacks up. The median salary for a "routine" patrol officer 12-18 months experience is $48,889 annual not including bonus or benefits. This is just base pay. If you look at the salary sampling you will see pay ranges from $16 per hour to over $32 per hour for the same position and responsibility. Statistical data for the sampling can be also be found on this page.

Secondly, merit pay is considered the most effective pay method in private industry. You'll only find set pay systems in most union shops, teachers and many government jobs but private industry does whatever it can to stay away from these antique and ineffective pay systems. Where do you think the old saying "it all pays the same" comes from along with the associated attitudes and behaviors. If you want exceptional performance you must have a pay system to reward exceptional performance.

I am hoping that the city leadership is being progressive and moving forward. Basehor is a good place to live even though I do not live within the city limits. I know there are a lot of people want Basehor to remain a one-horse town and fall further and further behind. Now is the time to capitalize on Basehor's assets. We must open our area to new experiences and to do that we need to begin acting like a first class community.. It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel. look at the success stories of Leawood, OP, Shawnee, etc. Follow the model and yes it will take money, the old saying is true, "got to spend money to make money". Look what happened to KCK when everyone decided they want to race to the bottom in the 70's. It has taken decades for them to begin pulling themselves out.

Another cliche to keep in mind, "You get what you pay for."

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