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Former Basehor administrator Loughry suing city for more than $500,000

Mertz & Dysart need to go!!! Their efforts seem to be more directed at stupidly executed political power plays than what is actually good for Basehor. I think I saw a while back that the council had engaged a firm to find candidates for a new city manager. The fee that will be paid for that alone is likely to be enough to have covered the cost of Loughry's family health insurance for several years. The additional costs of their breaking the contract with Loughry were totally avoidable, had they not been so arrogant. At best, those 2 are penny wise and dollar stupid. I have a good friend who was looking at moving a business into Basehor in 2010 who was VERY favorably impressed with the team of Hill & Loughry. He has said that, based on the current city council actions, he would have 2nd thoughts now - they don't honor contracts. This hurts Basehor. The true pity of this is that Basehor lost an excellent city administrator. Hopefully, we will not lose an excellent mayor, too. Hopefully, we will lose Mertz & Dysart.

January 24, 2012 at 4:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )