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Do you support the Basehor City Council’s recent decision to take no action regarding the renewal of City Administrator Carl Slaugh’s contract?

Goodbye Carl, I don't see how masterstream can say they let a good man go and in the same breath he talks about how things have been going downhill over the past few years. Masterstream, doesn't the city manager direct the city?

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Switch to sewers to be costly for residents

It wasn't mentioned in the article that City Manager Carl Slaugh told the citizens of Glenwood Estates that they more or less had to be annexed by the city of Basehor for this to happen. Carl is again trying to get people in an annexation mode so they won't research the actual laws in regards to annexation in the state of Kansas. Basehor has to come up with a service plan that outlines all of the costs involved for these folks and also outlining the "improvements" in service that Basehor will provide for them. My advice is to contact your State Legislators and fight unilateral annexation. Contact Senator Tom Holland at Tom.Holland@senate.ks.gov and Owen Donahoe at owen.donohoe@house.ks.gov.

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Chief's Corner

Maybe if officers weren't hiding out in unpopulated areas(156th St & Evergreen at 3:30 p.m., that's between 10: am and 5 pm isn't it) they could deter this type of crime in your area during daylight hours by being more visible.

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Face The Facts(Is that you Carl?) obviously went to the Carl Slaugh school of addin' and subtractin'. The Cedar Lake residents pay 50% more into the sewer fees per month. That is more than what goes into the general fund from your taxes per household. When Cedar Lake is annexed the sewer fees will be reduced by a disproportinate amount that will actually put less towards the WWTP fund. Buy a calculator and learn how ro use it. All the city council of Basehor is doing is trying to steal money from honest citizens as they are doing in the city now with their raises this year. If we wanted to live in Basehor we would have bought houses iin Basehor. Most of us moved out here to get away from corrupt areas to begin with, only to find we fell right into another one. Basehor just adds taxes and subtracts property value.

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Council approves Cedar Lakes annexation

Business as usual in Basehor. As usual the city council of Basehor goes against the wishes of it's constituents. And why do they make the annexation take place the day after elections for the city council? They really are afraid for their jobs when one resident of Cedar Lakes told them they would be voted out of office. They said they didn't care one way or the other. This just goes to enforce the corruptness of the city of Basehor's politicians. And people think Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte county are corrupt. This is the same city council that voted in big raises for themselves a few short months ago. Go to work and vote yourself a raise of 100% or even 334% - Good Luck - (Read the minutes from the city council work session of November 11, 2008). You will see who got the big raises, the Mayor, the City Manager, Council members, and who got the little raises, Clerks, Police Officers, and all the other hard working people who actually take care of the city.

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Do you support the Cedar Lakes Estates annexation?

This is just the city council of Basehor again wasting the citizens money to pay for their raises they gave themselves this year. Throwing good money after bad.

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