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Basehor residents raise questions about proposed low-income apartments

I do think that we should have some nice apartments like Overland and Lenexa some with a little style and would make our town more pleasing to the eye. Not like the ones that were spoke about in other comments. Apartments that would house people that can afford 1.000 to 1.200 a month .What about the apartments on Paralled past 158th are they filled. I lived in Wyandotte county when I was growing up and I know where Parkwood is and it is nothing like it used to be before the 60's.You will draw what Piper did when they put there apartments in some years ago. I also think with all that is going on in the city , we should be more about getting together and making something happen and not talking about he said she said. Those people are costing our city many dollars that we do not have. And as for Mark Loughry and this law suit brought against the city is just an other example of people that are sue happy. Get over it. The multiple tortious actions by the city have harmed Mr. Loughry. Stop and think a bit people we are beginning to sound like KCMO, to many of our own agendas.

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