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Former police officer sues city of Basehor, alleging wrongful termination

Reading all of this is better then watching recorded late night TV. All these post have to be written from what is put in the paper and people need to remember that with all stories you truly have three sides, Yours, Theirs, and the Truth.

So after reading a lot of these post I went to a meeting and seen about eight people in the room. The room was divided from front row, then back row. The women in the back row talk during the whole meeting and are really disrespectful but the older men in the front row just sit their.

All you talk like you attend and partake in all the meetings and if so where were you at? I seen discussions between the commissioners and mayor but nothing like what sparks these kind of post i have been reading.

It is sad that you get so defensive because someone makes a comment about something a certain person posted. People should not be so angry. You live in the same community just get a long or stop posting. Geeezzz as somebody put it. Let it go...

I do not need any comments because i have not slammed anybody, so if you decide to bash me for my little post then it will really show you are truly an angry no life having pathetic excuses for a "ELF" aka...little person ( person's). Now lets all watch Jimmy Kimble.

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Basehor City Council special meeting and work session agenda: Aug. 6

I called city hall and asked if any comments were asked during the public worksession pertaining to the budget and they said Iris "RECALLED" Dysart asked some questions and that Carol "Wife of LR" Washington ask two questions at the budget hearing. WOW.. stop the presses LR.... so much corruption going on that you sent your best investigators out. Give me a break.

Also i was informed that the budget was set lower this year by staff then last year and the mill levy would be lowered. Seems to me all the corrupt council and staff should drive you to the council meeting for a public appoligy?

See you on the 20th of August.. That is the next council meeting if your wanting to know.. It should be good from what i hear...

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Basehor City Council special meeting and work session agenda: Aug. 6

I am glad to see the same couple people talking back and forth on here. It is always a pleasure to see who can impress me with their silly remarks. You both post so much that is not even true that it is comical to read. You have convinced each other that what you type is solid as a rock when really it is just a way you try and impress each other. Heck, you both might have the same address but can not stand to be with each other in the same room, so you compete from your seperate little rooms with your foolish writing.

If you were all so smart about what goes on these days at the city you would not have needed to read in the paper all the published budget work session dates or when the public meeting was that allowed you to speek your negativities towards all those high paid morons about the budget. Did you show up? NO, you did not.

Please step back and admit that this current council has already accomplished more then either one of you did while behind the bench. Lets face the facts as you like to say.. Nothing you say is really worth posting exept you love to hear yourself talk!!!! Let it go.. Dont like the council, then move, dont like the mayor, then move, dont like your water department, yep your right, MOVE. We citizens are tired of your mouth and we all understand that positive thinking brings positive solutions. You are always going to be angry so just MOVE. PLEASE.

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Letter: Lack of female representation in Basehor

Marilyn here is a question for you.
Why did you pass on the oppertunity to fill out an application for consideration for one of the four vacant City Council seats when the Mayor placed the article in the same paper you so clearly read?
You could of stormed the gates of city hall for an application with all the good ole boys watching from the parking lot. Lets let all this non-sence pass us by and go join some civic group thats helping the community not trying to still hold a grudge like Dennis Mertz's is doing. Seperate from the peanut gallary Marilyn or allways be labled as a Window Licker on Dennis's short bus.... Just saying, if the shoe fits.. wear it!!!

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

I do remember seeing Becky as the poster child for the program "No Child Left Behind. Becky do like Dennis said and move on please. You have no clue as you have shown so do not keep embarrassing yourself please.

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

basehordream you are a sad ,sad person. If you are such a trustworthy citizen why do you tell so many lies? Your statement above is so full of it that it is really funny to read. If you are so full of facts, approach the people you question in public forum and face your lies to the community so you can understand that YOU LOST!!!!! MOVE ON!!!! IT IS OVER FOR YOU!!!! Hows my score? betretter them peggies?

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Basehor mayor denies request for special council meeting before recalls take effect

You said alot of nice remarks about Mr. Box and alot of them are true. I have not met anyone in the Basehor area that can tell a story like Fred but that does not mean he should be Mayor.
Fred is a great man and has been around the area a while but if you want him to drive this town to the betterment of the residents, he needs to stay as a council member. Mayor does not vote. Fred can do more good as a council member with ideas and comments as a council member then a Mayor. Just saying. Leave all the hype about being the mayor and concentrate on being a well rounded and reliable city council member that can help move more buisness to the Orchelins store area. Fred is the only one that can decide to work with the new incomming council on growth or he will be the one that carries on the non-sence the registered voters just removed from city council.

boots, I would also like to add that you hold some strong feelings towards the old mayor and lets just say " MOVE ON ". The voters have spoken, lets put all these useless comments behind us and work as a group to help the City of Basehor move forward please. That artical from 2009 that you posted, who cares. If you truely care about "BASEHOR" you will move on and if not you will still just stir up more non-sence. Just saying.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

If i have offended you mckinley2010 I am sorry. I was refering to statements made by you and only you. I guess you are the only one able to have freedom of speech? And by the way, I have not made any threats or do i ever mean any harm to anybody on this post. I am not saying or doing anything different then you or others have posted. I am sorry you feel you are being mistreated and you should not take all coments as threats. Opinions are like A** holes, everyone has one. So please dont tie me to any party and dont take my coments to heart, they are just my opinions and my opinions only.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

I am very concerned for your well being mckinley2010. First of all don't tie me to any of the two parties involved in this election. A friend told me of all this reading so i started and then went to a couple meetings. For such small town politics there is definitely a ring leader and that would be Mr. Washington for the Mayor's recall. If you like a person that stands up and shouts his whole presentation at the audience then wants attention from the attending patrons you got the right man. I have seen people like him in my life and he usually goes after the lonely or elderly for support. I am not bad mouthing anybody but it is like you said, freedom of speech and my freedom say's Mr. Washington has issues that need medical attention. Just my 2cents.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

How wrong you are again. I never said i was a Hill supporter, those are your words which are not true to the facts. Last night was a big embarrassment to the community and all in attendance. The grand standing by one person on an unrelated topic because he was mad at some water district or something, come on. Really, Do you think any of the three under the recall petition had anything to do with that. That's my point, the only people really suffering are the residents of this community.

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