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Developer scraps request for support of low-income apartments in Basehor

He might not be in his office next month but lets all sing the song "Yellow brick road" as we go see him as the MAYOR leading the city council meetings. AMEN, HALLELUJAH.

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Basehor residents turn out in droves to recall mayor, 2 council members

Boy o Boy, No matter what you are able to see in true facts you still feel that the judge and jury is correct. The sad thing is for all the people who have common sense can understand that some people hear only what they want to hear and if the truth hit them in the face they would still not believe it. This whole recall is an embarrassment and could have been avoided if the parties on the city council would have just followed protocol. That's all. Everyone types on here how each group of followers did no wrong but in the long run, it is simple to see that things were not handled properly.

And by the way, the little fella in the red truck with the signs, gas is $4 per gallon and you are really embarrassing yourself with all those childish trips by the poles and then to the old Casey's store. Make your time worth something and go to the new Casey's and buy some candy so you can look like your in a parade. Grow up!!!

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Basehor mayor will be part of Feb. 28 recall election

Question for "basehordream".... Are you refering to the letter sent from the City stating the good things that the City Council and City staff worked on together to achived last year? I have talked to fellow residents who also have kids in the sport programs and they are pleased with the Field of Dreams changes but you want to slam the Mayor because he informed us TAX payers. The only thing we all should be talking about is how you all need to grow up and remove all the stupid signs, especially the hand painted ones along our city streets. You all have embarrassed the whole community long enough. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR STUPID SIGNS!!!! This means BOTH PARTIES. The people already know how they will vote so lets clean up our streets.

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Former Basehor administrator Loughry suing city for more than $500,000

Mr. Washington can you please explain to me why the " get rid of the Mayor " group can mail out false information to registerd voters but you never make corrections towards them. You say you want good things for the Basehor voters but maybe all you want is voters to think you are so smart. You may be book smart but life is not lived in a book Mr. Washington. Pull your eyes from Google and actually listen to what people of Basehor want and need to have this great community contuine to prosperous.

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Basehor City Council meeting agenda: Nov. 21

Well lets see if we can predict the outcome of tonights meeting. The "Get rid of the Mayor" group BM, MT, EB, MB, and dont forget the pack leader J&C W will line the back row of the council chamber and make comments throughtout the meeting as always, and the council will go into the Mayor's office room for a little sit to and then come out and say we all can go home to watch the CHIEFS on MNF. Meeting over by 7:45pm.

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Do you support the Basehor City Council’s recent decision to take no action regarding the renewal of City Administrator Carl Slaugh’s contract?

teboski, city managers do dirrect the city but a city adminastrator is directed by city council..there is a difference.

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