Two Current reporters, Chris Wristen and Jesse Truesdale, volunteered to be tasered for this story. Lansing Police Officer Robin Mock, who trains Lansing officers to use Tasers, happily obliged. Because firing the darts requires expending a $24 one-use cartridge, officers instead taped the electrodes to the reporters' clothes. Mock gave Truesdale a half-second charge and Wristen a jolt that lasted just over a second. When Truesdale got his half-seond shock, he reported that his gut clenched and his left leg kicked up involuntarily as two officers held him in case he fell. "It felt like the shock from electrical cord prongs, but instead of one finger, the shock spanned between the darts on my stomach and shoulder," he said. Neither said they noticed no discomfort afterward, nor any discoloration of the skin.

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