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Annette Edwards, Jessica Rabbit And also the World Record Bunny

Annette Edwards, Jessica Rabbit And also the World Record Bunny

In January, the Annette Edwards, Jessica Rabbit story first began. Annette Edwards became an Internet sensation when news broke, with photos, that the Englishwoman put 10,000 pounds -- about the same as $ 16,000 -- on her credit card so she could get plastic surgery intended to make her look like Jessica Rabbit--considered by many the sexiest cartoon character of all time. The surgically enhanced redhead is red hot again, as she is the breeder of the Guinness World Records world's largest rabbit.

Annette Edwards' Jessica Rabbit obsession

Annette Edwards' Jessica Rabbit obsession doesn't seem all that strange looking at it with the world's largest rabbit in the picture. Among those who like rabbits, she is a well known bunny breeder. It was reported by MSNBC that the latest Guinness World Records rabbit, a Continental Giant named Darius, is her fourth rabbit to get a world record. Darius is 4 feet, 3 inches long and weighs 50 pounds. Edwards said he could grow another four to six inches.

Cartoon character of Jessica Rabbit sexist

Annette Edwards' Jessica Rabbit obsession is inspired by the animated heroine within the 1988 fantasy comedy Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In a story where cartoon characters interact with real individuals, Jessica Rabbit is voiced by Kathleen Turner. A promotional survey that was done by British firm Cadbury voted Jessica Rabbit the sexiest cartoon character, beating out such animated icons as Cinderella, Wilma Flintstone, Snow White, and Daphne from Scooby Doo.

Jessica Rabbits transformation for Annette Edwards

Annette Edwards' Jessica Rabbit transformation cost $ 16,000 worth of plastic surgery which integrated cheek implants, chin implants, and a breast lift. She said her body went on “The Jessica Diet” to the Huffington Post. She said she lost more than 40 pounds in three months by eating like a rabbit. As for Darius, the Daily Mail reports he eats six apples, a dozen carrots and two cabbage heads a day.

Annette Edwards, just a normal person

Annette Edwards doesn't go around looking like Jessica Rabbit all the time. She is a great-grandmother, mother of 10, 59 years old, and dons her cartoon persona only for special occasions. "I'm only Jessica if I go on a shoot." she told MSNBC. "I love being Jessica. ... My family thinks it's a little crazy. It's one of those things. I just love it. I'm not Jessica at home. I'm just a normal person."

Jessica Rabbit is in the flesh

Annette Edwards is taking her Guinness World Records rabbit on an international tour. The bunny is insured for $ 1.6 million and has an agent; it also travels with a bodyguard who makes $ 100,000 a year. When Edwards makes appearances with Darius, the World's Largest Rabbit, she wears a bright red wig, elbow-length purple gloves, platform shoes with stiletto heels and a tight, red sequined dress -- and voila, Jessica Rabbit within the flesh.


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Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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June 3, 2010

Annette Edwards, Jessica Rabbit And also the World Record Bunny


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