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What Promoted Tweets means for you

Quick, in 140 characters or less, just what do promoted tweets mean for most Twitter users? The first of a prepared group of Twitter advertising, promoted tweets will highlight search results. instant cash loans from venture capitalists can't support Twitter forever, no matter how negatively promoted tweets may be going over.

How Promoted Tweets will work

Promoted Tweets could be built to display advertisements more "organically" than Google advertisements. Contextually relevant results will show at the top of results. For instance: searching Twitter for "latte" might show results from Starbucks above the current Twitter chatter. A few companies have already signed up for Promoted Tweets, including Starbucks, Sony, Bravo, Best Buy, and Red Bull.

Promoted Tweets to be rated by users

The basis of Promoted Tweets is that the advertising will depend on tweets that would be posted by the companies anyway. The hope is that Twitter users will retweet, reply or bookmark the promoted Tweets. Twitter says that promoted tweets that do not receive user interaction will be removed. While promoted tweet pricing has not been revealed, but if the program is successful, Twitter should be able to begin debt settlement relief.

Promoted Tweets planned for growth

The Promoted Tweets program doesn't stop just with the display of search results. Instead, Twitter has outlined that, if Promoted Tweets is successful, they will expand the program. The company account's promoted tweets can be "injected" into timelines. The promoted tweets will even be shown in Twitter apps, including new ones companies are hiring a dedicated programmer to create apps.

The reality of Promoted Tweets

The Twitter microblogging site is using Promoted Tweets as the first step into "monetizing" the immensely popular site. Since 2006, Twitter has refused to monetize their very popular service. The head of Twitter, Biz Stone, has said they wanted to create value before revenue. Over $ 57 million has been invested in Twitter, and Promoted Tweets might help the business pay back their investors. Some twitterers have called out Twitter for "selling out," but within the end, users generally accept that their favorite free services need advertising to stay online.


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