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Abandoned by Delta Airlines

Dear Animal Advocate

We are folks from LaGrange, GA. currently living in the Republic of Panama, near the Costa Rican border.

We live here for economic reasons, mainly health care. We are living on our Social Security checks.

Recently my wife, Walda became ill. Her weight dropped from 120 lbs to 94 lbs. The doctor could find nothing wrong. He told her a lap dog might be good therapy for her. She went to Georgia at what for us was considerable expense and bought an eight week old pup.

Delta refused to allow her to board with the dog. They kept saying we have to have a rabies certificate. This innoculation cannot be given to dogs under three months. Even U.S. Customs does not require rabies shots for dogs under three months.

Costa Rican Rules clearly state Rabies vacination for dogs under four months are not necessary:

The dog had to be left in Georgia and we do not have the money to retake the trip to get him. He is spending up to 10 hours a day in a crate. He's living in a house with 2 big cats and no one home.

We are asking Delta for a free ticket and $330 for regional flights and taxis to go and come San Jose, CR.

Delta Customer Care offered us $200. 3/4 of which ($150) would be to buy the dog a place where a briefcase would go under the seat!

We are hoping you would use the power of public outrage your office in a letter to:

Richard Anderson CEO Delta Air Lines, Inc. P.O. Box 20706 Atlanta, Georgia 30320-6001

To explain that what they have done is unfair, and immoral.

Thanks for any help you can give us.

Lonnie and Walda Cross Puerto Armuelles Republic of Panama

June 21, 2009

Please Help Our Puppy


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