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Computer prediction models not always so hot

So looking ahead to the next few days, there is most definitely one thing that is apparent. The models are teasing us with a bigger cool down than we'll actually see. This is a case-in-point of why you can't just trust a computer program or automated website to get your forecast.

Several computer models try to drop highs into the upper 70s for Tuesday. The problem is ... this is twice that they've tried to do this in the past week. Sunday's cooler weather (highs in the upper 80s) were touted by the models as being in the upper 70s. So why wouldn't we expect the same thing this time?

With that in mind, we've kept the middle to upper 80s in the forecast for Tuesday — but, hey, we'll have the low humidity so there's really not that much to complain about. I guess as long as the computer models are only partially right, then there will always be a job open for a real meteorologist in this world. Nothing like looking on the bright side of things!

- Matt Miller


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